Ako Karim

Musician and Music teacher for Clarinette and Saxophone

Bachelor of music

Master of music

Music is my life, from classical music
and Klezmer to jazz.

I was born in Suleimania, Kurdistan. I fled to Germany in 1995 which has become my home since then. I began my music studies with Wolfram Rocke at the Musikakademie Wiesbaden in 1998 with clarinette as my main subject. I took my degree as music pedagogue in 2003. Since 2000 I have worked as musician and as a music teacher for clarinette and saxophone at various music schools and other schools.

I followed up my basic studies with regular concerts and chamber music in Germany and Europe. I took my Bachelor of Music degree at the Konservatorium Arnhem-Zwolle/Netherlands with Frans Dejon. In 2012 I took my Master of Music degree with Eddy Vanoosthuyse, University of Science and Art, Leuven/Belgium. At the same time I took conductor courses with Edmont Saveniees for several years.

Since the beginning of my studies I have been teaching the clarinette and saxophone at music schools in the Rhine-Main region and I have taken part in inter active orchestra and theater projects as musician and arranger. My repertoire ranges from classical music to Klezmer, Orient and The Balkans, to Jazz.