i Giocosi

I founded the ensemble Giocosi (i Giocosi since 2017)
among with other colleagues in 2008.
Our performances are marked by our
manifold artistic facets.

Duo i Giocosi

Classic repertoire
Veronika Keber & Ako Karim

Trio i Giocosi

Trio i Giocosi  flute, clarinette and saxophone, piano
Veronika Keber, Ako Karim and Susanne Klar

Trio Ako & Friends

Trio Ako & Friends plays Swing, Jazz, Worldmusic Ako Karim,
Jens Mackenthun & Harald Bächer

i Giocosi

Many years ago I could make true one of my biggest wish ever: To play World Music in addition to Classic. After many shows another big wish was born: Making an own album. Here it is! A long lasting dream has come true! I encountered Klezmer the first time in Germany. I was suddenly enthusiastic by this formerly strange music to my ears. And shortly after I discovered the spirited wind orchestras oft the Balkans and the Samba. The title-track of this Cd is a folk melody of Aserbaidschan which is played in many different ways in the whole Orient. In my homeland Kurdistan DASMAL HARIR means a silky scarf, which is blowing on our Cd through many parts oft he world: from the Balkans through the ­Orient until Southamerica. We are celebrating life with Jazz, Folk Music, Klezmer, Latin Music and sounds of the Balkans. This exactly is what music means to me. I GIOCOSI is an italian adjective which means happy and jocular.

And this is exactly our intention: We want to bring pleasure to all oft the human beings and make them feel like dancing. 

CD - i Giocosi DASMAL HARIR  per mail or telephone request.

Ako Karim, clarinette und saxophone

Studied „Instrumentalmusikpädagogik “(pedagogics of instrumental music) at the Musikakademie in Wiesbaden with Wolfram Rocke; Bachelor of Music at the conservatory Arnhem, Zolle/Netherlands with Frans Dejon, and Master of Music at Lemmensinstitute Leuven/Belgium with Eddy Vanoosthuyse. He has been active for many years as freelance artist in various orchestras, ensembles, as well as theatre and music projects in Germany and Europe.

Veronika Keber, flute

Studied at the Musikakademie Wiesbaden with Lars Asbjörnsen. Degree in 2005 as teacher of instruments and in 2009 diploma of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt. She works as flute teacher and plays in various ensembles.

Jens Mackenthun, guitar

Studied with Norbert Scholly at the Musikhochschule Mainz and at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Jesse van Ruller and Martijn van Iterson. He got his degree in 2010 as diploma music teacher for jazz and popular music.

Susanne Klar, piano

Studied music pedagogy and artistic training at the Musikhochschule Mannheim-Heidelberg, main subject piano, with Prof. Siegbert Panzer. She works freelance as a piano teacher and gives concerts in various ensembles.

Harald Becher, double bass

Guitarist and bass player since 1977. He has realized many projects within Germany and worldwide, among others with Lulu Reinhardt. He has been a member of i Giocosi since 2016.

Gilbert Kuhn, drums

The graduate Jazz player with a lot of live experience and a wide horizon of pop, funk and world Jazz communicates a positive attitude and motivates listeners to enjoy listening and to join in.

For more information on i Giocosi or enquiries about appointments please send an email to: lamusica@ako-karim.de You can also reach me by phone on the following number: 0160 202 26 41

i Giocosi in Concert

Dasmal Harir -  i Giocosi 

You can order a CD (€16,00) by email via: lamusica@ako-karim.de.
After you place the order, I will send you my account details. Ones I have received the money incl. postage, I will send the CD by post.