Projects, Ensemble, Theatre, Orchestra, Reading, Band Teaching Clarinette and saxophone and more...

Ensembles and Projects 

I founded the Ensemble Giocoso (since 2017 i Giocoso) together with my colleagues in 2008. Our performances are marked by our manifold artistic facets.

Smaller ensembles: 
- VIVO classical repertoire
Veronika Keber, Franziska Schumann, Ako Karim & Elisabeth Maranca

- Trio VAV flute, clarinette and saxophone - Veronika Keber, Ako Karim & Valantin Huber

- Trio Ako & Friends plays Swing, Jazz, Worldmusic - Ako Karim, Jens Mackenthun & Harald Bächer

- Internationales Friedensemble, Peace Ensemble, Bigband with young people from many countries, readings, theatre and performance 

- Akolei - text and sound, performative reading with Leila Haas
for some years readings with Armin Nufer, Janet Uyar and other authors 

- with Theater Franz, director Armin Nufer, I worked with various productions as musician and actor, among others “Kleine Kneipe irgend wo“ 2012 and “Schuhe, die passen“ 2017

- Strandgut 2017 by Annette Kuhn, play, production Jean Grädel, Switzerland 

- Since 2017 I have been playing in the Ensemble Bridges International Orchestra